Thursday, March 23, 2006

A new PUPPY!!??!!

Al went to pick up Liam today from child care and came home with a bloody dog. Believe it or not! Liam's carer said it followed them home from the park and believed it had been dumped. Well I have made signs up for a FOUND dog and will be putting them up at the local stores tomorrow. I do not want a dog - I am a cat person and am going to get another Siamese.

I am currently knitting a Pelerine from EZ - yep I do have that fixation. I was going to give it to Mum but she said to give it to Nan. And Nan would just bitch and moan and it wouldn't be good enough (she likes that shit feathers stuff)so I will keep it for myself. It is very similar to a poncho but with a split up the front. I am knitting in my hand spun which is a blend of brown merino and the glitz for a little sparkle. V. Nice.

Al's socks have been put on hold - I got bored. I really, really want to knit the PI Shawl. I am fixated at the moment.

Not much more to say - I have been dyeing a fair bit and will post some photo's shortly.

P.S. I love dyeing. I have heaps of Landscapre but I really love blending with the Ashford Primary Pack, but I hate having to use the vinegar.


Blogger ferg said...

Hello Jo, I'm with you on the cats and dogs. There is a delightful black poodle called Wesley, who takes a walk around our block with his human, but he's the only dog I'd go for.
Where do you buy your dyes? Is there a shop or on the internet? Please can you let me know and thanks.
I've just cast on my first sock on 4dpns. Not happy yet, but I'll persevere.
And....last but not least.... is EZ, Elizabeth Zimmerman? I found "Knitting Workshop" without the video, on ebay and It's so matter-of-fact and easy to follow, so if so good luck with the shawl,
Cheers Gillian

2:24 pm  
Blogger Midsummer night's knitter said...

We have a couple of Siamese - well, they have us! One of our friends is a dog person, but he loves our cats, since he reckons that Siamese are cat-shaped dogs. Not sure about that, but they are definitely different from the average cat!

3:01 am  

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