Saturday, February 25, 2006


You would not believe this but we have rain. It has gone on longer than 6 drops. We have not had rain for so long. Woo Hoo. It has not been under 30 degrees here since the start of December and heaps of those days have been up to 40. It's still bloody hot and muggy. Yuck.

You can't really tell but there is rain in them there hills!!!!

See this baby Wooy (what Liam calls Cats) - he's shitting himself. He has never seen rain. He is up on the back verandah shaking. He doesn't know what it is.

This kitten is one of 5 - one died pretty much after birth (it was the runt), one was given away and we kept 3. Two were born with tails and three without. Their mum did not have a tail but their Gran did. Their dad does not have a tail. At 8 weeks their mum died from a snake bite. Terrible. She layed under the back verandah (in other words she came home), the 3 kittens were suckling of her. It was so bloody sad. We only suspect it was a snake bite - she was very healthy and I had seen a big brown snake in the house paddock just a couple of days before. So I presume she was trying to protect the kittens.

Must go and do some more knitting of Al's socks - I am ready to turn the heal or knit up the side. Whatever it's called.


Blogger Amie said...

Welcome to the Spinning Wheel!

5:59 am  
Blogger Donni said...

Sad about the Mummy cat - that lovely little rain scared one looks just like SLinky!

8:03 pm  
Blogger ferg said...

Hello Rainbow Spinner. I joined just before you and I'm down in Bacchus Marsh. We had the lovely rain too. We're in town but it's so dry here we have big tanks for the garden and Robert went out between downpours and pumped water from the smaller ones to the big one so that the next fall filled them all up again.
I'm really impressed with your knitting. I've been at it for fifty years but I haven't done socks yet!
I'll keep watching how you go, cheers Gillian

8:05 pm  
Blogger Kylie said...

Your kitty is so cute,it's so sad about the mother cat nature can be so cruel.

8:00 am  
Blogger CynCyn said...

ooh. that makes me sad about mama kitty. I've got two just like yours. black, beautiful, and bad.

5:08 pm  

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