Thursday, March 16, 2006

Long time, no blog


I haven't been on for a long time but I have been busy doing the craft stuff. I've been dyeing, spinning and knitting as usual. I find I can't go a whole day without one or all - it's an illness I know.

Last Tuesday my Siamese Cat got run over. His name was Romeo. He never left the yard, quite a dork really but we loved him and miss him terribly. Well I've been going for little walks with Liam and on Tuesday we crossed the road instead of walking up our side of the footpath so I think he may have tried it himself. A man came and told us when we got home. It was terrribly sad, we all cried and gave him a big burial. Jesse and I got him before the others joined the family and he was a great saviour to us and expecially me at night. He kept me company. And you know what, he never shut up. He talked and talked and talked. People would ring our house and think a baby was crying. Nah it's just Romeo talking. RIP Romy.

Hey, also, it's been raining for 2 days - woo hoo. We need it.

Here are some photo's of what I've been doing.

The above is some Corriedale fleece which I bought from the local Black and Coloured Sheep Assoc. Let me just tell you - for all the talking up they get about the quality of their fleece, it was crap. Lovely wool with a real sheen. I've not spun this sort before but wanted to try. Bought a kilo thinking of making myself a jumper. Well it hadn't been skirted, it had wee and poo all over one side. Absolutely disgusting. The outside looked great but once the bag was opened and the fleece spread out - YUK. Very shameful for a reputable business and let me tell you it was not cheap. Next time they come for the local market I will be letting them know. I don't even think I would have got 600grams spinnable fleece!!!

I decided in the end to spin it really thin, about 3 ply commercial and make an EZ Pi Shawl out of it. I've neally finished spinning it all and I bought the needles today. 60cm, 40cm and dpn's, jeeze that turns out expensive. I would have them all in my kit but I think a lovely shawl like that deserves new and the best.

See this
and this
It turns out looking like this!!!!

Remember I have to make the Wombat Jacket that is similar (or Copied) to the EZ Badger Jacket, well this is what I decided to make it out of. It is just some fleece I bought from a local farmer and family friend for $ 5.00 a kilo, cheap and lovely and soft. I dyed about 600 grams rainbow colours in one pot. First time, really cool. Then dyed about 800 grams in purple to tone it down. Some black and some rainbow silk. I LOVE IT. I am so happy with the way it turned out. I used my drum carder to blend it and the batts were a delight to spin from.

I can't wait to start the above projects. Keep spinning and spinning (my new mantra!).

I've come to a stand still on Al's sock. I have decided they are very boring to make and don't keep me interested. Once I finished one I don't want to finish the other!

I got the new Yarn mag ( and am really happy with it. They have a great section on shawl's. There is a square one also on EZ's idea - I will definately have to make it the second shawl I make. Three things tonight about EZ - a theme or adoration you think. I love reading her books and get so many ideas, each time finding something different to try.

Anyway, enough for tonight. See you soon.



Blogger ferg said...

How sad to hear about Romeo. Cats seem to believe they are indestructible but unfortunately they aren't.
Love that dyed and spun purpley hank. It's really my sort of colours. I have a new dyeing book which I shall blog about soon. I haven't done any dyeing for ages and can't wait o have a go again, Cheers Gillian

7:14 am  

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